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WELCOME! So pleased to have you here! Here you will find craft ideas for Kids & Grown Ups. Easy to follow crafts and ideas for all age groups from The crafts are designed to be made from every day items, so you can usually get crafting straight away! I have a number of playlists to help you find your way Teens & Tweens - are basically the sort of crafts that I used to LOVE to make make when I was a teenager. Often a little more skilled, but no reason why younger kids can't have a go with the help of a parent. Kids Crafts - the sort of crafts my kids currently enjoy, usually involves lots of recycling or basic craft items such as paper! Seasonal Playlist - I have also created seasonal playlists and swap these around according to the time of year. Most of the videos are also featured on my site where you can find additional photos/ stills and instructions or links to other websites. ENJOY! FEEDBACK ALWAYS WELCOMED!

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